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What is Church Membership?

We believe that meaningful church membership is biblical and necessary for a healthy church. Church membership, although not an explict term used in scripture, is a reality that runs through the Bible. Meaningful membership is in sense 'a line in the dirt', a boundary marker that says,  "The people on this list are on the inside." Therefore membership is given by God, intented to help us define His love for the onlooking world, meaning the local church and its members portrays the gospel in meaningful church membership. Each member (pastors, congregation, and the individual) are all in relationship with each other for accountability, love and encouragement. This would be hard to accomplish without church membership.

Hebrews 13:17 says that pastors are to "keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account." How are pastors to 'know' who they are to 'give an account' for if there isn't some way to determine who is a part of the church or not? The answer is that pastors or elders will give an account for those who are church members.

Another reason why we practice biblical church membership is because the New Testament's command is to love 'one another', to examine ourselves and one another, and to obey our leaders. Fulfilling these commands are impossible without church membership. Therefore membership is necessary for biblical discipleship, and it gives a specific shape to our discipleship.

For more information on Church membership we recommend the reading of Church Membership by Jonathon Leeman and What is a Healthy Church Member by Thabiti Anyabwile. Each person petitioning for membership will recieve these books.

Qualifications for Membership

  1. Genuinely Converted, a Christian
  2. Believers Baptism
  3. In good conscience agree and sign our Church Covenant

Process of Joining Sovereign Grace

Petitioning for membership at Sovereign Grace church is a very important process because we believe that church membership is to be meaningful and joyful for all in Christ.

  1. Go to our Discovery Class
  2. Fill out Petitioning Membership Form
  3. Schedule meeting with an Elder
  4. If recommended by elders, you'll be presented to the church for membership
  5. Affirmed by the members of Sovereign Grace Church at following Membership Meeting

Sovereign Grace Church Constitution and Bylaws