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What about Children?

At Sovereign Grace we encourage our families to have their children to be a part of the gathering body of Christ and not to be seperated from their families or from the church body. Dispite the distractions that children can cause, we believe those cries, noises, and screams mean life and viberancy. Even at such young ages we believe in the effective work of the Word of God faithfully preached. Children may not understand all that they hear or all that we sing, but they are always listening and learning. So we trust the Lord with our children. To seperate our children (and adults) would be to deny them the very purpose of our gathering together -- preaching of the Word, singing of the Word, and fellowship in the Word.

As an option, we provide the use of our facility's foyer during our gathering for your convinences, if needed to attend to your children's needs if you so desire. There you still can hear live audio from our gathering.

In helping us to shape our understanding of having children a part of the services we have found this resource to be helpful and encouraging.