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Ben Roberts

In the 1994 the Lord by His grace sovereignly drew me to himself by allowing me to have the eyes to see my complete sinfulness before him and my need for redemption and reconciliation only found through the person and work of his son Jesus Christ. I was overcome with a mixture of guilt and shame over sin, then joy that God would save me.

From that point on I can see a stream of God’s grace being given to me; although not perfect in anyway he continued to draw me closer and closer to himself. My senior year in High School the Lord impressed upon me a call to full-time ministry and even though I did not know what that would look like I submitted and enrolled into the Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, FL. My time at BCF brought much growth and sanctification shaping a knowledge of the Lord in His word. While in college I met my wife Kristina and we got married in February 2003. After we got married and I graduated we were commissioned to served as 2 year missionaries in Cincinnati, OH serving with a local church and the Baptist Collegiate Ministries at the University of Cincinnati. These 2 years in Cincinnati serving with my wife was an amazing and even at times difficult adventure. Pouring our hearts and lives into those students during that time was amazing bringing lasting friendships. After our 2 years in Cincinnati we moved to Louisville, KY and I enrolled in The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. After graduation we moved to Statesboro in March 2009 to serve in a local church. In 2015 the Lord brought us to planting a church in Statesboro.

My hope for Sovereign Grace Church of Statesboro is that the gospel of God’s grace will be the cornerstone of each member. As Paul says in Ephesians 4 that they (including myself) may grow up in maturity in the faith no longer being tossed to and fro by bad, weak and ineffectual doctrine. By God’s grace, for His Glory, and for the Joy of all peoples.